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I can handle acoustic, semi acoustic and soft/medium electric outfits. Have little experience of classical but am willing to try.

At present I mainly want to record affordable but professional looking demo CDs.  In the future I hope to offer complete CD services but I do not have sufficient time to commit to this at present.

I prefer to offer a complete package consisting of CD, artworks labelling etc. Promoters have thousands of bare CDs with just ‘DEMO’, the name of the band or nothing  written on them.  A label, case and cover gives a demo a more professional look as well as ensuring the contact details etc. are there. As such it is far more likely to end up in the promoter’s CD collection, not the bin.

I will, however, consider doing a live recorded session where a bare recording of a practice session is what you will get with no mastering, or artworks. In this case I cannot guarantee to keep the master tracks should you require remix or mastering

I can handle up to a 5 or 6 piece electric or up to about 10 acoustic for live sessions. Rock bands not too loud please.

Tea, coffee, food etc. provided at MY discretion.


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