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The studio is centred around a Behringer MX9000  24/48 desk coupled to an Alesisis ADAT HD24.

Rapid mastering to CD can be done on a Boss BR1600CD 16 track which is coupled to the main desk.

Reverb, echo, compression etc through a rack of various Behringer and Alesis effects.

Full studio, wedge and headphone monitoring available.

Various stage and studio microphones, dynamic and condenser including full set of drum mics.

Final mastering and cover design on PC.


H+K (60W)and Crate(160W) guitar amps, McKenzie (100W) bass amp. Full stereo PA 250W per channel. Monitors + studio ~ 500W total.    Various sub mixers if required.


Korg Triton LE Keyboard.

Ancient (mono) Yamaha 2k/b + 1octave pedals organ.

Various guitars / bass / mandolin / others.

Drum kit (if youíre extremely desperate - donít say I didnít warn you)!

Session musicians available:

Me (Bri) - backing guitar folk / rock / blues, bass most genres (inc. folk rock!),  lead guitar blues / rock, keyboards strictly backing + FX only.

Jess (university holidays only) Keyboards - all, violin / fiddle (+electric) - most I think, can play most instruments if required......

I hope to enlist the help of others - watch this space.


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